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The Top Three AV Trends You Need to Know About

With more than 1,000 vendors exhibiting and 44,000 people attending, the InfoComm 2017 tradeshow was ground zero for anything and everything audiovisual. So, of course, ExhibitOne was at the annual event last month in Orlando. Most people go to InfoComm to see what’s new. We are there to get a gauge on what’s next so our clients can be [...]

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Being Seen, Heard and Understood

When it comes to audiovisual technology, it’s all about sight and sound. To make the most of both, InfoComm estimates companies, governments and educators invested USD $114 billion last year alone. That’s a lot of money spent on being seen...being heard. But, what about making sure someone can understand it all? It’s an important question to our many audiovisual [...]

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Got Videowall? Now, May be the Time!

Do you recall the first videowalls? Well, they weren’t really video. And the wall? Not so much. They were large screens with banks of slide projectors clicking and whirring away. With a ton of slides and some clever programming “virtual” movement was created on a grand scale. For all the progress large-scale projection technology has made over the years, [...]

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Your Conference Room is Like an Aircraft. What else?

When you take a look at your conference room, I’ll bet you’re looking at it in the same frame of mind as you would if you were looking at an aircraft. The aircraft? It flies. What else would you expect it to do? And the conference room? Hey, meetings are held in there. What else would you do with [...]

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Rocking Your AV Like It’s 1999

If you have ever gone out looking at homes and stopped by an open house, maybe you can relate. You go through the front door and find yourself in a time warp. The home’s furnishings, decor, appliances, paint, etc. instantly take you back a decade or two (or three). We often experience the same sensation when we help building [...]

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Going Beyond Digital Assistants to Get Work Done

Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot and their voice alter-ego, Alexa, pretty much reached star status over the holidays. The voice-activated devices are very good listeners, and as long as you say the right words, Alexa will carry out your commands for everything from answering questions and playing music to buying stuff off Amazon...or even ordering a pizza. At ExhibitOne, [...]

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