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See. Hear. Speak…in real-time…anywhere

Five meetings in five cities in one day…and you never left your desk!

That’s the power of videoconferencing.

Fast? Yes!
Cost effective? Very!

Videoconferencing is nothing new.
Whether it’s a conference room full of people or an entire auditorium, you can take command of meetings and conferences as if you were there face-to-face. It takes the ability to integrate proven videoconferencing technology and adapt it to the specific needs of your working environment – from business meetings to telemedicine to command and control centers…it takes ExhibitOne.

Videoconferencing from ExhibitOne provides the following for your organization:

  • On-demand videoconferencing capability
  • Connect remote sites and multiple locations to communicate globally
  • High-definition¬†quality video and audio communications
  • Digital video and audio recording capability
  • Time and money savings with reduced stress-related travel
  • More collaboration and team-based communications
  • Virtual training

For uncompromised high resolution, real-time videoconferencing capabilities, there is only one choice…ExhibitOne.