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Managing Your AV in the Era of Social Distancing

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifting across the country, business leaders are facing the questions of how to reopen safely, what is considered a clean, safe and healthful work environment, and how do we manage our technology systems? These questions may warrant some unique considerations when it comes to meeting spaces such as board rooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces and [...]

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Selecting the Right Microphone for the Job

Just a few minutes into his best routine, the standup comic pauses, looks at his restless audience, taps the microphone and asks, “Is this thing on?” While the comedian just cares whether his microphone (mic) works or not, the requirements of microphones in the corporate environment are much more sophisticated and demanding. A sound system is typically made up [...]

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New Generation Video Walls

More than ever before, video walls are becoming the go-to visual display option for many companies. Globally, implementations have been increasing by nearly 50 percent for each of the past several years. And for good reason. The stunning impact, flexibility and affordability of new-generation video walls are providing companies with highly cost-effective solution for increasing efficiency, productivity, enhancing communications, [...]

By |February 5th, 2020|Categories: Audiovisual, Conference Room, Digital Signage, Video Wall|

5G, 8K – Their Impact on Commercial AV

At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, among the technologies getting a lot of attention were 8K TVs and 5G (fifth-generation cellular wireless). While conceptually pretty exciting, it’s important to put both into perspective as neither are ready for prime time in the commercial audiovisual world. It’s easiest to hit the hype pause button on 8K [...]

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Finally, Unified Communications. See for Yourself

A lot of uncertainties are plaguing countries and companies as they try and respond to the implications of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Restricted travel and working-from-home are just a couple of tactics increasingly being put into place to combat the situation. But this isn't the first time such measures have been taken. And most likely, unfortunately, it won't be the [...]

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Wireless Presentation Systems

No one wants their company to look like a dinosaur. That’s why many invest in hi-tech looking lobbies and reception areas. It’s why boardrooms and conference rooms are decked out with large high-resolution monitors, quality audio systems and flexible video conferencing solutions. But, even with all of that, there’s nothing that screams “old school” louder than a bunch of [...]

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