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Solving the RFP Dilemma for Digital Court Recording

The official record of what is said by the participants in an official court proceeding remains a critical requirement to the cause of justice. Historically, the sacred responsibility to faithfully capture the verbatim record of every word uttered in a court of law fell to an official Court Reporter. Most of today’s increasingly digital courts have implemented some form [...]

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Video Walls Vs Projectors and Screens

So, what’s better? Coffee or tea? Cats or dogs? Android or iOS? Projectors or video walls? For the sake of family harmony, we’re sidestepping any debate on the first three, but think we should weigh in on the industry fray over projectors versus video walls. Depending on who you talk to, they will roll out the various strengths of [...]

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ExhibitOne Sets City Council Chambers into Motion

The move was just across the street. But the difference is night and day for the City of Eloy, Arizona. March 2019 marked the grand opening for its new city hall. Making the move from the old facility – the city’s council, clerk, community development, finance and human resources. The facility’s stunning design by the SmithGroup has won praise [...]

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Lamp or Laser Projectors. How to Choose.

There was a day not that long ago when some in our industry were busy predicting the demise of projectors. They reasoned LED displays would take over completely. However, those naysayers didn’t foresee the tremendous strides that would be made in projector technology, namely using a laser as a light source instead of a lamp. If your particular use [...]

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Can You Choose…16:9 or 16:10?

If you’re planning an audiovisual project with a large viewing area, you will likely be confronted with an important question: 16:10 or 16:9? These numbers represent the aspect ratio (width and height) of a viewing area. It’s important because of something called native resolution. The 16:9 aspect ratio is used for televisions, digital signage displays, led lcds, monitors and [...]

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Video Conferencing as Easy as a Phone Call

A lot of uncertainties are plaguing countries and companies as they try and respond to the implications of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Restricted travel and working-from-home are just a couple of tactics increasingly being put into place to combat the situation. But this isn't the first time such measures have been taken. And most likely, unfortunately, it won't be the [...]

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