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Digital Signage. It’s Time to Recalibrate Your Thinking.

We believe one of the best uses of AV technology, and yet the most underutilized, is digital signage. For the most part, digital signage design has been delegated to advertising. And that’s just the point. Advertisers love digital signage. It works. It makes information impactful, engaging and exciting. It sells. Can you say as much about whatever you are [...]

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No More Excuses for not Having a Meeting Room Booking Solution

Let’s face the facts about meeting rooms: Meetings get cancelled; room reservations do not. Empty conference rooms attract squatters, making it look like no rooms are available. If there is more than one conference room, there is always confusion as to which meeting is being held where. No one has a clue as to whether they have too many [...]

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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Optimizing business processes and increasing user productivity through unified communication. Unlike many other objectives on your plate for the New Year, this may be the easiest to achieve. Unified communications is a concept that is 20+ years in the making. It’s a technology environment that provides users with a consistent and unified interface and experience across multiple devices and [...]

There’s More to This Business Than Technology

Every once in a while, we like to give a shout-out to a new, exciting AV technology that we see coming down the road. Our engineers just love that kind of thing. But there’s something they like even better, which makes this shout-out long overdue. Our engineers are all in on technologies that are 100 percent reliable, secure and [...]

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Unique Digital Recording Capabilities

As an AV systems integrator, we are always looking at what technologies, such as digital recording, best match up to a project’s specific requirements. We may use technology A for one project, competing technology B for another project and technology C for yet a different application. Occasionally, we like to give a shout-out to technology solutions that are doing [...]

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Work Force Transformation Requires Decision-Making Transformation

Top consultancy firms are conducting research, producing white papers and providing lots of consulting (go figure) around work force transformation. What’s all the clamor about? Well, there’s no denying it. The percentage of millennial-generation workers in the work force is only getting larger. The tipping point came in 2016, when, according to Pew Research, 56 million millennials were working [...]

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