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Work Force Transformation Requires Decision-Making Transformation

Top consultancy firms are conducting research, producing white papers and providing lots of consulting (go figure) around work force transformation. What’s all the clamor about? Well, there’s no denying it. The percentage of millennial-generation workers in the work force is only getting larger. The tipping point came in 2016, when, according to Pew Research, [...]

Got Videowall? Now, May be the Time!

Do you recall the first videowalls? Well, they weren’t really video. And the wall? Not so much. They were large screens with banks of slide projectors clicking and whirring away. With a ton of slides and some clever programming “virtual” movement was created on a grand scale. For all the progress large-scale projection technology [...]

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Finding Your Way in a Digital Age

Here I am. But, where do I go now? Millions of people are asking this very question every day at airports, shopping centers, sporting events, hotels, office buildings, government buildings – you name it. Any time there’s more than one hallway, doorway, service window or entrance/exit – the question is going to get asked, “Where [...]

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