Finding THE Best Loudspeakers

Here’s the problem. THE best loudspeakers do not exist - at any price. And for good reason. Every loudspeaker is designed for optimal performance relative to a multitude of parameters. Which means the exact same loudspeakers can sound awesome in one application and absolutely terrible in another. And of course, that doesn’t even begin [...]

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Unique Digital Recording Capabilities

As an AV systems integrator, we are always looking at what technologies, such as digital recording, best match up to a project’s specific requirements. We may use technology A for one project, competing technology B for another project and technology C for yet a different application. Occasionally, we like to give a shout-out to [...]

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Digital Audio. Better. Faster. Cheaper

There’s a common saying about products and services, “Better, faster, cheaper. You can pick any two, but you can’t have all three.” But, times are changing. Take “AV over IP” for example. That stands for audiovisual signals running through a company’s IT infrastructure (IP = internet protocol). Audiovisual signals have always been analog. IT [...]

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The Top Three AV Trends You Need to Know About

With more than 1,000 vendors exhibiting and 44,000 people attending, the InfoComm 2017 tradeshow was ground zero for anything and everything audiovisual. So, of course, ExhibitOne was at the annual event last month in Orlando. Most people go to InfoComm to see what's new. We are there to get a gauge on what's next [...]

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Digital Recording

As ubiquitous to the courtroom as judges and their gavels, the court reporters and their steno machines busily recording every word spoken to create a trial’s official transcript. At least they used to. Even as revered as court reporter transcripts are, thousands of courts in the United States and tens-of-thousands of courts throughout the [...]

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Not All Sounds Are Created Equal

Think of it as PhotoShop® for sound. Sound equalization is a process used to strengthen or weaken the energy of audio frequencies, maximizing what we want to hear and minimizing what we don’t. Most of us are familiar with the concept from our fiddling with the treble/bass controls on audio equipment. The treble control adds [...]

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