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Finally, Unified Communications. See for Yourself

It has only taken about 25 years, but the concept of unified communications may finally be reaching the tipping point of mass adoption. While we have seen a continual evolution of technologies attempting to unify human and device communications in a common experience…nothing has been as unifying in the corporate sphere as Microsoft’s hub [...]

Wireless Presentation Systems

No one wants their company to look like a dinosaur. That’s why many invest in hi-tech looking lobbies and reception areas. It’s why boardrooms and conference rooms are decked out with large high-resolution monitors, quality audio systems and flexible video conferencing solutions. But, even with all of that, there’s nothing that screams “old school” [...]

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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Optimizing business processes and increasing user productivity through unified communication. Unlike many other objectives on your plate for the New Year, this may be the easiest to achieve. Unified communications is a concept that is 20+ years in the making. It’s a technology environment that provides users with a consistent and unified interface and [...]

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Digital Audio. Better. Faster. Cheaper

There’s a common saying about products and services, “Better, faster, cheaper. You can pick any two, but you can’t have all three.” But, times are changing. Take “AV over IP” for example. That stands for audiovisual signals running through a company’s IT infrastructure (IP = internet protocol). Audiovisual signals have always been analog. IT [...]

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Conference Room All-in-One Connectivity That’s Truly All-in-One

LOL! Whoever came up with the phrase ‘plug ‘n play’ has obviously never gone into conference rooms with their laptop and tried to link up with the audiovisual equipment. As unified as everyone, including ExhibitOne, tries to make connectivity in conference rooms, it seems like there is always some ‘gotcha’ that requires attention. That [...]

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Audiovideo Systems Go Digital

Here’s an acronym that we will be seeing a lot more of in the years ahead: AV/IT. Or, IT/AV if you like. That’s audio video and information technology…as in analog sin waves and digital ones and zeroes. Over the years, the two technologies have been slowly converging – perhaps ever since the first projector transparency [...]

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The Technology that Makes AV/IT Real

We’ve been talking about digital audiovisual technology for quite some time now and have gotten quite a bit of press coverage for our AV/IT implementations. Innovative architects and contractors involved with new builds are becoming intrigued by the ability to run all of the AV signals in a building through a unified network – the same cables, [...]

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Unifying AV with Your IT Network

They call it a “unified network” and you’re starting to find it more and more in new commercial construction. It lets all of the electronic communications within a building utilize the same data network. Security systems, IT, telecommunications, building management, lighting, automation control and audiovideo can all run through the same cabling, routing and switching. [...]

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