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VCIS: Virtual Court-Interpreter System

Brings Interpreter Services into Your Courtroom…at the Push of a Button

  • Achieves significant cost savings
  • Eliminates interpreter travel and related delays
  • Reduces dependency on outsourced interpreter services
  • Provides more access to your certified interpreter staff

Teleconferencing is a powerful business tool. Instantly, people in multiple locations are communicating. No travel. No downtime.

ExhibitOne’s Virtual Court – Interpreter System (VCIS)™ is a patented process that integrates advanced teleconferencing, switching and related technologies into a powerful communications tool. It allows interpreters to provide full interpretive services on a remote basis—just as if they were in the courtroom.

With interpreters entering courtrooms through the push of a button, delays and travel expenses are eliminated, certified staff are able to participate in more cases and the need to hire out is reduced—providing courts with a quick return on investment.

VCIS Chart

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