ExhibitOne’s Green Initiative

ExhibitOne Green Initiative

ExhibitOne’s focus on sustainability permeates the company, including its ExhibitOne Green Team. The team is a group of employees who embrace the company’s passion for not only increasing the awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving our environment – but also – doing something about it. The team is vigilant in identifying opportunities within the company’s day-to-day activities to recycle, reuse, reduce and repurpose. Equally as passionate is the ExhibitOne executive management team, which integrates sustainability into their planning and decision making in equal proportion to other key factors that drive the success of the company.

Understanding that actions speak louder than words, ExhibitOne adheres to important sustainability practices in purchasing supplies, packaging/shipping materials, vehicles driven for company business and in advising clients of “best practices” in their purchasing and design decisions.

As an audiovisual company, ExhibitOne is an active proponent and promoter in the creative utilization of technology in displacing travel in favor of telephonic-, Internet- and other electronic means for meetings and collaboration. Additionally, the company aggressively encourages electronic-based communications and electronic data transfer to reduce paper-based alternatives that consume resources and generate pollution.