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Health Care

A Medical Revolution

Teleconferencing is nothing new. People huddling around a telephone or web cam are commonplace. But taking command of life-saving knowledge as if you were there face-to-face with a patient takes more than traditional video conferencing. It takes the ability to integrate proven professional technology with the science of professional medical knowledge. With the growing COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has never been needed more. With things like this portable ultrasound, and the ability for healthcare professionals to monitor images remotely to assess whether there are any complications and advise patients over a video call, technology innovations in healthcare are already growing. This will have great benefits on the industry to reduce costs and pressure.

Only the latest technology can enable the most people to benefit from the best minds in medicine…..from consultations to continuing education to rural telemedicine, takes ExhibitOne. It will also help to cut down on medical malpractice cases. Take a look at this 2019 guide to medical malpractice insurance if you’re a trainee doctor who is worried about this possibility.

Telemedicine from ExhibitOne can provide the following:

  • Connect remote hospitals, clinics and multiple locations to communicate globally
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Digital video and audio recording capability
  • Time and money savings to improve the quality of healthcare
  • Virtual training & continuing education
  • Video visitation

Medical Quote

Telemedicine – When interacting with something as important and fragile as human life, only the most advanced audio video systems should be used. The ability to integrate telemedicine, audio visual technology with lifesaving medical knowledge, makes ExhibitOne an intelligent and necessary choice for any medical application. ExhibitOne uses the latest technology from Polycom, Tandberg and Marconi Systems, ViPr. Our telemedicine capabilities can be implemented in a myriad of locations simplifying and enhancing medical technology. Our telemedicine systems can be used in medical training rooms, operating rooms, emergency rooms, trauma areas, outpatient facilities and in medical conference rooms. ExhibitOne uses telemedicine for something as unique as a mobile clinic for emergencies resulting from bio terrorism and natural disasters, to something as commonplace as a medical boardroom.

Telemedicine – In order to remain as effective and efficient as possible, continuing medical education sessions are necessary to keep staff and students current with new surgical and medical technology and procedures. With digital video recording and digital audio recording technology, ExhibitOne enhances medical simulations to train a more experienced medical staff. Surgical simulation can be used to help students learn medical procedures through observation and hands-on application. The dangers of medical mistakes along a student or beginning doctor’s learning curve can be minimized or eliminated through repeated simulation. ExhibitOne provides medical communication tools for any medical facility.

Oftentimes a specialist’s expertise is needed immediately. With traditional medical technology, it would be necessary for a patient to travel to a doctor- regardless of the cost or time it takes. When you need a specialist from another city or even another country, ExhibitOne can bring that specialist into your medical facility via videoconferencing with telemedicine.. ExhibitOne’s remote diagnosis technology provides doctors and patients the freedom from expensive and time-consuming travel. Video consultation is a valuable tool for any practice. A doctor can diagnose a patient, monitor another doctor’s surgery on that patient, and follow the patient’s postoperative progress- all through telesurgery and teleconferencing. ExhibitOne creates global communication via telemedicine to connect remote hospitals and clinics, rural practices, and international medical locations. With our systems, the boundaries of distance and time become obsolete. Whether it be telemedicine, outpatient teleconsulting or video visitation, ExhibitOne provides a way, using telemedicine, for doctors to spend less time traveling and training, and more time with their patients.

ExhibitOne – “Changing the Cameras, Screens and Microphones of Telemedicine into the Eyes, Ears and Voices of Doctors” To find out more about how leading medical institutions are utilizing ExhibitOne for telemedicine, please contact us as 888.572.3265, email