Case Studies

ExhibitOne Case Studies
ExhibitOne Video wall for Education

It’s called the “Lightbox” and serves as a showcase for both the Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC) and the city in which it’s located, Surprise, Arizona. Its focus of attention is a stunning 15-monitor video wall.

“It’s something very unique, something visitors have never seen before, so it’s really quite the attention getter. The minute people open the door, it shows what a creative, forward-looking company ICE is.”

New construction and building renovations require a lot of coordination and cooperation between the many trades. ExhibitOne’s work integrating 12 65-inch displays, more than 20 speakers and multiple control systems into one of Arizona’s newest restaurants shows just how well it can all be pulled off.

VCIS Brochure

Video, audio and IT are converging in courthouses, prisons and other legal facilities. This article published in AVNetwork highlights some of the bigger challenges these facilities are facing.

Digital AV Implementation Case Study

The city of Long Beach was in dire need of a new courthouse that would use best-of-class technology, forward-thinking design concepts, and eye-catching materials to create a modernized environment that both served the needs of the justice system and the citizens of California. Here’s a look behind the scenes.

Corporate Capabilities Overview Brochure

Sound & Video Contractor takes a close look at the first courthouse in California to bring digital audiovisual capabilities online. ExhibitOne handled the multi-million dollar integration at the new 500,000-square-foot facility.

TVX Brochure

ExhibitOne strategic product partner, Kramer, provides key audiovisual components for many of ExhibitOne’s AV system integration implementations. The Waukesha County Circuit Courts in Wisconsin are just one example.

TVX Brochure

It’s the dream of just about anyone responsible of setting up an Emergency Operations Center (EOC)…starting with a blank piece of paper. An EOC in Chandler, Arizona had that chance.

Case Study on Emergency Operations Center

The Bureau of Land Management wanted its conference rooms to be future-proofed for at least five to 10 years. They turned to ExhibitOne to achieve that. And in turn, ExhibitOne turned to Crestron for audiovideo technology that would do just that.

Case Study National Indian Programs Training Center

There probably isn’t any tougher assignment for audio/visual equipment than in centers of education and training. Classes, meetings and events every day – throughout the day (and evenings). The A/V equipment is in continual use. ExhibitOne implemented a solution for the newly built National Indian Programs Training Center addressing all of the users’ needs…all of the facility’s demands.

Case Study Marconi Telemedicine Solution

Carle Foundation Hospital has successfully operated a telemedicine program since 1993, offering patient consults and video conferencing at 15 sites throughout east central Illinois. But it was the quality and telephonelike operation of the Marconi ViPr™ Virtual Presence System and the expertise of ExhibitOne that inspired Carle administrators to make a change.

Case Study Superior Court County of Ventura

The Superior Court, County of Ventura shares its experience in working with ExhibitOne.

Case Study Superior Court County of Ventura

The Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County decided to upgrade the recording systems in its 19 existing courtrooms. The court system turned to ExhibitOne to get the job done.

Case Study Courtroom 21 Project

This white paper reviews the scope of use of courtroom technology and includes anecdotes from users and builders of technology-enabled courtrooms. Primarily, discussion of technology is limited to integrated courtroom control systems, audio/visual evidence presentation equipment and software, as well as   telecommunications and videoconferencing networks.