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ExhibitOne News Releases
ExhibitOne News Releases

Business Booms at ExhibitOne

October 21, 2002
Chandler, AZ

ExhibitOne Corporation, the nation’s premier provider of evidence presentation technology, continues to expand nationwide at a phenomenal rate. ExhibitOne now boasts courtroom systems in 36 states and the District of Columbia. Continued growth is imminent as courts throughout the United States continue to discover and embrace new presentation technologies with courtroom applications. ExhibitOne’s revenue booked in 2002 has already eclipsed the totals for 2001, and projections show the upward trend continuing exponentially in 2003.

A large part of ExhibitOne’s success can be attributed to the quality and experience of its employees. The talented team at ExhibitOne has mushroomed 400% in the last 24 months. This skilled team of professionals ensures ExhibitOne will remain the benchmark in courtroom evidence presentation technology for years to come.