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ExhibitOne Delivering Audio/Visual Solutions for California’s New Superior Court Facilities

PHOENIX (May 25, 2012) – Major California Superior Court building projects are now getting under way that will feature state-of-the-art audio/visual solutions from Phoenix-based ExhibitOne Corporation.

In 2007, the Judicial Council of California adopted a $9.8 billion capital outlay plan for improving Superior Court facilities across California, including new court construction, major renovations and expansion projects.

ExhibitOne has been selected to be a part of this massive effort.

One of the first projects that ExhibitOne will be participating in hit a milestone in May of this year as the last beam was put in place for the $490 million, 31-courtroom Gov. George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach. It is expected to open in fall 2013. Fall 2013 is also expected to be the completion time for another court building that will feature ExhibitOne solutions. The six-courtroom, 68,400 sq. ft. Banning Justice Center, a branch of the Riverside County Superior Court, broke ground in February of this year.

“These are just the first of the California Court projects in which we are participating,” said ExhibitOne CEO and President Kevin Sandler. “With 15 years of experience in providing A/V solutions to our country’s courts, we are very well positioned to be an important part of California’s other new builds and renovations as those projects go to bid.”

Mr. Sandler estimates that ExhibitOne has equipped more than 1,800 courtrooms throughout the country with audio/visual solutions. Those projects have included trial display systems, video conferencing, portable presentation systems, digital recording and audio systems, as well as technologies such as the company’s patent-pending Virtual Court-Interpreter System (VCIS).

ABOUT ExhibitOne – Established in 1997, Phoenix, Arizona-based ExhibitOne is recognized throughout the country as a leader in the designing, engineering, and integration of commercial, high-demand audio/visual and videoconferencing systems. From courtrooms to classrooms and from corporate offices to emergency operations centers, ExhibitOne partners with architects, general contractors and directly with commercial users in providing highly effective A/V solutions that deliver impact and results.