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ExhibitOne Chosen to Implement Newest California Supreme and Appellate Court AV/Video Standards

PHOENIX (August 27, 2018) – ExhibitOne Corporation will soon begin a full audiovisual renovation for California’s 3rd District Court of Appeal, located in Sacramento.

The fully digital implementation is based on the recently released California Supreme and Appellate Court AV/video technical standards. The ExhibitOne solution includes streaming technology to support the court system’s initiative for making available live public-outreach video of oral arguments and other hearings.

“While this project will dramatically improve the quality of the court’s recording and presentation capabilities, perhaps their greatest gain will come in the simplicity of operation,” said ExhibitOne CEO and Founder Kevin Sandler. “The control of virtually every AV component in the courtroom will be at the fingertips of the judge and/or clerk using a touch panel. Courts tell us this is a real game-changer for them.”

The project was awarded through the Judicial Council of California’s (JCC) Audiovisual Leverage Procurement Agreement (LPA). The LPA enables entities under the California judicial branch to expedite and simplify their procurement of audiovisual technology and projects by working with a pre-vetted vendor and receiving pre-negotiated labor pricing.

The 3rd District Court of Appeal is ExhibitOne’s 14th California court AV project, with the previous projects encompassing both new buildings and major renovations. The California court projects are among ExhibitOne’s more than 1,400 courtroom AV implementations throughout the country.

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