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ExhibitOne News Releases
ExhibitOne News Releases

ExhibitOne Receives Audiovisual Leverage Procurement Agreement (LPA) from the Judicial Council of California (JCC)

PHOENIX (January 19, 2018) – ExhibitOne Corporation now provides California Trial Courts with more purchasing options. The expanded business platform come from the Judicial Council of California (JCC) awarding ExhibitOne with an Audiovisual Leverage Procurement Agreement (LPA).

The agreement with ExhibitOne enables California Trial Courts and entities under the Judicial Branch to greatly expedite and simplify their procurement of audiovisual technology and projects by working with a pre-vetted vendor and receiving pre-negotiated pricing.

“A portion of the vetting process included our more than six years of working with the JCC to implement major courthouse AV projects throughout the state,” said ExhibitOne CEO and Founder Kevin Sandler. “Our work in the state, including northern California, also involves other major public and commercial projects.”

Thirteen California court AV projects (new buildings and major renovations – click here for a map of previous California court projects) are among the company’s more than 1,400 courtroom AV implementations throughout the country. The California court projects have typically included, digital audio and video recording, evidence presentation systems, audio reinforcement, videoconferencing and assisted listening systems.

Eligible California Trial Courts and related entities interested in taking advantage of the Audiovisual Leverage Procurement Agreement can contact ExhibitOne at or obtain additional information by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

ABOUT ExhibitOne – Established in 1997, Phoenix, Arizona-based ExhibitOne is recognized throughout the country as a leader in the design, engineering, integration and support of audiovisual and videoconferencing systems. ExhibitOne partners with architects, general contractors and directly with clients in providing AV solutions that deliver style, impact and results.