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ExhibitOne Offers New Technology To Judges

April 6, 1998

As the start of construction draws closer for the new building that will house the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for the Courts and Media, The National Judicial College continues to ensure that all aspects of the facility are strictly state-of-the-art.

One of the focal points of the new building will be the “Model Courtroom,” a working courtroom that will provide hands-on training for the several thousand participants who attend NJC courses each year.

“We will be using the Courtroom to demonstrate how cases run more effectively and efficiently through the help of the latest in technological innovation,” said Dean Kenneth A. Rohrs of NJC. “A cornerstone in that technology will be the AccessPoint evidence presentation system from ExhibitOne, Inc.”

The tightly integrated system of presentation equipment, monitors and computer technology dramatically reduces the time-consuming process of presenting documents, photos, diagrams, and pieces of evidence during trial and improves the overall ability of jurors to comprehend what they are seeing and hearing.

“There’s no question that computer-based evidence presentation technology will soon become an integral part of many courtrooms in this country,” said Dean Rohrs. “It is important that judges have an opportunity to get a first-hand look at this technology and have hands-on practical experience in putting it to use. When they leave here, they will be much better prepared to determine how they will want to utilize it in their own courtroom.”

“The National Judicial College is very forward thinking in its implementation of this highly effective presentation capability,” said ExhibitOne President, Kevin Sandler. “Short of having an evidence presentation system installed in their own courtroom, NJC will be the only place in the world where judges can get hands-on experience in using one of the most powerful means of managing a trial-since the gavel.”

For maximum impact and benefit, ExhibitOne is managing the overall design, integration and implementation of the AccessPoint evidence presentation system at NJC and will be providing training to NJC staff as well.