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To: All Information Media
Date: March 7, 2000
Re: Dedication of the Courtroom of the Future
Contact: Gary M. Blair, Trial Courts Executive Officer (805) 568-3150

Presiding Judge Frank J. Ochoa is pleased to announce that the Santa Barbara Superior Court, in conjunction with the Santa Barbara County Bar Association, will host a special ceremony on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 5:00 p.m. at Superior Court Department 14 at 1108 Santa Barbara Street. The purpose of the ceremony is to honor those members of the Bar and others who have contributed to the “Courtroom of the Future” Project.

This project includes the use of electronic state-of-the-art technology to present demonstrative evidence to jurors, witnesses, and parties involved in trials. Exhibits, charts, documents, photographs, small three-dimensional objects, outlines of opening statements, and jury instructions can now be presented to jurors, witnesses, litigants, and attorneys on high resolution monitors located in the “jury box” and throughout the courtroom through the use of the so-called “Elmo” system.

Mr. James Herman, past Santa Barbara County Bar Association President, was a key proponent for introduction of the use of this technology in Santa Barbara Superior Court. After viewing a demonstration of the “Elmo” system at an American Bar Association meeting in Kansas City, Mr. Herman was favorably impressed and proposed that the Santa Barbara Superior Court partner with the Santa Barbara Bar Association to introduce it into one of the Superior Court’s trial courtrooms.

Presiding Judge Frank J. Ochoa complimented Mr. Herman for his efforts towards raising 50% of the cost of the new system from attorney donations through the Santa Barbara County Foundation and thanked his fellow judges for their support of this leading edge project. Judge Ochoa commented that: “This technology enables demonstrative evidence to be presented to trial participants, especially jurors, in a highly visible manner. If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then this technology increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the presentation of demonstrative evidence in trials.”

Members of the Bar and the public are invited to attend this event.