ExhibitOne Integration Services





Service / Support

In every aspect of our business, ExhibitOne operates under the motto “Do it right the first time.” This philosophy is especially evident by how we manage the production of our presentation and telepresence systems.

Comprehensive project design review, preliminary system build and fabrication, and testing of all systems within our shop facility before they are shipped to the job site are standard procedure at ExhibitOne. Prior to being released from the rack assembly area, projects are scrutinized with a 33-point inspection by the testing technicians and production supervisor. Having the customized presentation and telepresence system fully tested at our facility in a controlled environment eliminates the risks of on-site failures.

Once the installation team arrives on-site, an initial site evaluation is performed with the client to verify that all infrastructure is properly ready for the installation to proceed. By flagging any potential defects or issues early on with all parties, the project is completed cost effectively and saves valuable time.

In addition to the mechanics of system installation – such as the termination of connections, mounting of equipment, and calibration of components – ExhibitOne assists with the human factor of end user training and change management.  Delivered with most contracts are project specific operations and maintenance manuals, laminated quick reference guides, and a live training presentation with a technician available for Q&A.