Digital Audio and Video Recording

ExhbitiOne Digital Recording

Capture every word as clearly as it was originally spoken and instantly play it back. Or pass it along to others. Or store it indefinitely, to be retrieved at another time. Digital recording makes it happen.

Monitoring phone calls. Security. Dictation and transcription. Surveillance. Training and meetings. If your business has requirements for capturing and retaining audio and/or video information, you cannot afford to miss the benefits of digital recording!

Organizations throughout the world use digital audio and video recording systems to reduce operating expenses, save time, and virtually eliminate the possibility of recording errors.

Here are just some of the benefits being enjoyed by companies that have made the switch to digital:

  • Convenience and cost savings-no tapes! (saves money)
  • Quality and durability (DVD quality video & audio)
  • Instant retrieval/direct playback access-searchable by time/date (saves time)
  • Integration with other technologies (important)
  • Identical copies and archives can be made
  • Sharing information (efficiency)
  • Save to multiple formats! (computer file, compact disc, etc.)
  • Record and store individual or multi-channel, audio/video

Unsurpassed Digital Video & Audio Performance

ExhibitOne provides the ability to create a verbatim, accurate digital video and/or audio capture.

You will benefit from exceptional resolution and dynamic range to record and play back every moment of an important meeting or conversation with unmatched fidelity and realism.

When you switch to digital…be sure you switch to ExhibitOne.