Digital Signage

Digital signage provides ExhibitOne clients with a better, faster and less expensive solution for broad distribution of information.

Whether it’s advertising, branding, announcements, directions (wayfinding) or even entertainment – instantly sending content over an organization’s network to one or more displays (such as monitors, kiosks etc.), is fast becoming the standard. Static signs, easel boards, printing posters and flyers are slow, expensive and ineffective.

Our clients primarily use digital signage to dynamically push information either throughout a building or an entire campus of buildings like SNA has done with their magnificent salesforce video wall. They are displaying information in:

  • Lobby and reception areas
  • Training centers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Hallways
  • Auditoriums
  • Manufacturing facilities

But, some companies (such as national and regional retail chains) have their digital display networks linked to their locations throughout the country…and even further.

Whether you are covering a building, the country or the world, ExhibitOne is your long-term partner for digital signage network design, engineering, integration and support. We’ll bring together the technologies that best match your messaging needs, your existing technology infrastructure and your budget.

While you may have a specific application in mind for your digital signage… you could potentially leverage it to do much more and get even greater benefit from your investment. Here are some of the more common uses we are seeing:


  • Promote company events
  • Give visibility to human resource information
  • Training support and related reinforcement
  • Immediate broadcast of emergency information/alerts
  • Daily information i.e. weather, traffic, stock price, news
  • Company performance/safety/inventory data
  • Personalized visitor greetings


  • Facility/campus directions and/or directories
  • Product announcements
  • Event schedules
  • Special offers
  • Advertisements