ExhibitOne Security Solutions

Video surveillance systems have come a long way from the traditional systems of years past. The newest technologies not only deliver important features never before available, but they are driving down the cost of commercial-grade video surveillance systems to the point where no business can afford to be without.

Those with no surveillance solution, operating a legacy analog system or relying on dated digital technology can realize tremendous advantages from today’s high-definition IP cameras. ExhibitOne offers the most advanced video surveillance solutions on the market.

But there’s more to ExhibitOne’s security solutions than technology. Our first priority is creating a strong, lasting relationship with your business – a process that starts with listening. We want to first understand your priorities, your business concerns and conduct a site survey to fully understand the unique nature of the area(s) you want to monitor.

Here are just some of the critical areas we are evaluating in our site surveys:

  • Camera location and related environmental impact (i.e. moisture, dirt, weather etc.) and remedying such hazards with the likes of sealed wiring such as this product for electrical components.
  • Time of day will determine available lighting and determine need for infrared LEDs
  • Hidden or visible cameras which is directly related to your surveillance objectives
  • Features needed (i.e. single focus or a wide area? Adjustable lenses? Camera movement?)
  • Image quality requirements which relate directly to the environment and application
  • Monitoring and data storage requirements, which may include data recovery during catastrophic failures (similar to the services this page discusses)

Why You Will Want High-Definition (HD), IP-based Technology

Though video surveillance technology seems to never stop developing, we always provide expert, up-to-date recommendations so you can protect your people, property and profits.

Today’s IP-based video surveillance systems seamlessly integrate with your IT infrastructure, while analog systems typically require a separate, proprietary and sometimes costly network of cables.

Additionally, you benefit in many other ways, including:

  • Superior Image Quality – High definition helps capture detail such as face recognition and license plates
  • Wider Coverage. Fewer Cameras – A single HD camera can easily cover the same area that would ordinarily require four analog cameras
  • Remote Viewing – You can access and view HD video feeds from your mobile device

Additionally, many of our clients are looking to integrate their video surveillance with existing security systems, including door sensors, motion sensors, alarms, access control systems and other technologies they already have deployed.

Clearly, your business is unique. Which is why it is so important that you are talking with ExhibitOne. We will work with you to achieve your goals and enable you to keep a closer eye on your business.