Video Conferencing

ExhibitOne Videoconferencing

Video conferencing solutions that let you see, hear, speak in real-time. Anywhere.

Five meetings in five cities in one day…and you never left your desk!

That’s the power of video conferencing.

Fast? Yes!
Cost effective? Very!

Whether it’s a conference room full of people, huddle spaces or an entire auditorium, you can take command of meetings and conferences as if you were there face-to-face. It takes the ability to integrate proven technology from the industry’s leading manufacturers and adapt it to the specific needs of your working environment – from business meetings to telemedicine to command and control centers…it takes ExhibitOne.

Video conferencing solutions from ExhibitOne provide:

  • On-demand capability
  • Connectivity for remote sites and multiple locations
  • High-definition quality video and audio communications
  • Digital video and audio recording capability
  • Time and money savings with reduced stress-related travel
  • More collaboration and team-based communications
  • Virtual training

For uncompromising high resolution, real-time video conferencing capabilities, there is only one choice…ExhibitOne.

The Value of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing capabilities can make a significant impact on any organization that has a focus on any one or more of the following priorities:

  • Communicating with employees, contractors, outsourced resources, partners in more than one location
  • Reducing expenses – travel costs in particular
  • Increasing productivity
  • Engaging employees who work beyond the typical 8 to 5
  • Going green

At the end of the day, video conferencing is the closest you will ever be (at least for the foreseeable future) to having all the benefits of a face-to-face meeting without being face-to-face.

Over the past several years, the speed, quality and simplicity of technology has vastly improved to where virtual face-to-face meetings are the preferred option – especially when you consider productivity and costs.

Video Conferencing Return on Investment

An analysis by Frost & Sullivan reaffirms what you already know. When going to a meeting involves air fare, the total cost of the trip will likely exceed $1,000. Even if it’s a matter of just climbing into the car, their research shows that will all costs in, the tab will reach several hundreds of dollars.

If the meeting involves even a modest number of participants, costs could easily reach into the five figures. And of course, that’s doesn’t even touch the cost of lost productivity from the hours or days spent traveling.

Video Conferencing Simplicity

The technology to enable audio/video connectivity has been with us since the early ‘80s. For anyone who actually used it back then knows two things: a) it was expensive, b) it was complex. Your memories are probably more about the times when the connections failed than when you could get two end-points to connect.

But, that WAS the 80s. And 90s. And the early part of the new century. Ancient history.

With a quality system implementation and the internet, you can be video conferencing to other conference rooms, people’s computers or smartphones by doing nothing more than turning your system on.

The amount of equipment and the cost of what technology you do need is a fraction of what it was in the early days. With today’s compression capabilities even bandwidth isn’t as much of an issue – although it still needs to be taken into consideration.

With today’s technology being so sophisticated, successful video conferencing has become just as much about HOW the technology is implemented as it is the technology itself.

To give you an idea of what to consider in implementing a system in your business, we have numerous blog postings on the different aspects.

Here are a few you may want to read through:

Video Conferencing SetupBest Practices: People often forget that remote meeting participants can only see what the camera is showing them, and hear only what they system’s microphone is picking up. We offer tips on best practices for setting up different aspects of the room, the room’s lighting and placement of microphone(s) and camera.

Secrets to Great Video Conferencing: An in-depth look into the importance of use of shades and lighting in any room where a video conference will be held. This is an especially important topic if the room has any windows. As we point out in the blog, this is one case where sunshine is definitely not our friend.

The Math Behind Great Presentations:  For in-room and remote meeting participants alike, comfortable, strain-free presentation viewing is all about distance and angles. This blog provides you with the information you need for monitor sizing and placement as well as participant seating.

Four Critical Success Factors for a Video Conferencing Solution

This is where the value of working with a trusted audiovisual system integrator like ExhibitOne becomes so important. Our 20+ years of experience and expertise with more than 2,000 implementations help ensure your system is:

Cost Effective – Everything you need, but nothing that you don’t. An important aspect of this is the upfront engineering to ensure your system(s) can scale up (or down), and have the flexibility to take advantage of new technologies as they become available.

Easy to Use – This doesn’t happen on its own. Ease of use requires significant planning long before any equipment is actually installed. In today’s world, the keyword phrase is “zero-based training.” ExhibitOne system design ensures your system’s features and functions are intuitive and seamless.

Reliable – Today’s quality commercial grade digital technology is better than ever. Reliability can become an issue of those technology components are integrated improperly or implemented in a manner not intended by the manufacturer. ExhibitOne’s engineers and technicians are focused rock-solid implementation.   

Secure – ExhibitOne works with some of the top security-focused organizations in the country. We understand what it takes, but also understand that every organization has its own needs, specifications and requirements. We work to ensure our solutions are engineered to YOUR standards.