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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Optimizing business processes and increasing user productivity through unified communication. Unlike many other objectives on your plate for the New Year, this may be the easiest to achieve. Unified communications is a concept that is 20+ years in the making. It’s a technology environment that provides users with a consistent and unified interface and [...]

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This Isn’t Your Father’s Audiovisual Service Contract

The audiovisual world is such an exciting place. The sights, sounds and capabilities generated from even the simplest of projects are just amazing. We love to see client reactions when they realize what our engineers can do for them. Although understandably, their reactions become more staid once the conversation turns from technology to service [...]

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The Math Behind Great Presentations

Nice presentation. Too bad everyone was busy squinting, straining or otherwise contorting their bodies trying to see it. Those participating by video conference weren’t so lucky. While many people are quick to blame such problems on their presentation equipment, often the real problem is their math. For in-room and remote meeting participants alike, comfortable, [...]

Secrets to Great Video Conferencing

You might expect us to say the secret behind great video conferencing is great technology. And you would be right. But that’s not the whole secret. You’ll find the rest of the secret in last month’s blog: Video Conference Setup Best Practices. In that blog, among other things, we mentioned video conference room lighting and [...]

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Being Seen, Heard and Understood

When it comes to audiovisual technology, it’s all about sight and sound. To make the most of both, InfoComm estimates companies, governments and educators invested USD $114 billion last year alone. That’s a lot of money spent on being seen...being heard. But, what about making sure someone can understand it all? It’s an important [...]

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Mixing and Matching Your Way to a Fully Digital Courtroom

In early January, tech geeks and gurus headed to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Pretty much the epicenter of what’s new in the consumer electronics market. In December, a similar scene, albeit on a smaller scale, also played out in Las Vegas. Called e-Courts, it’s the biennial technology show that attracts [...]

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Managing Projector Image Distortion

Take a look at the image above. Do you see the stone at the center of the arch? You know, the one with the arrow pointing right at it? Well, in the world of architecture, which is several years older than the audiovisual world, they call that center stone (as you can tell from the [...]

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Unifying AV with Your IT Network

They call it a “unified network” and you’re starting to find it more and more in new commercial construction. It lets all of the electronic communications within a building utilize the same data network. Security systems, IT, telecommunications, building management, lighting, automation control and audiovideo can all run through the same cabling, routing and switching. [...]

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