ExhibitOne Testimonials

“As Near Perfect as Any”

I’m writing to provide a customer perspective on the recently completed courtroom audio upgrade project here in Pima Superior Court. The project was accomplished in phases (based on floor configurations) and wrapped up approximately three weeks ago.

This project was a big one for us on several levels. It was a “high profile” project in that it affected every judicial courtroom in the building. Because of this, at some point each judicial officer (judge or commissioner) was displaced from their courtroom – never a situation that is met with enthusiasm. This was a project with many stakeholders – judicial officers, jurors, court reporters, courtroom clerks, and the general public (when present in the gallery). Finally, although this project didn’t incorporate “bleeding edge” technology solutions, it included significant change for a facility still using 10 – 20 year-old audio solutions. (As the point person for our IT division for the project, I was understandably concerned about how this project would roll out.)

With the project overview now defined, I’m pleased to tell you that this project was as near-perfect as any I’ve been involved with over my 24 years in IT management. The preliminary discussion, design and planning work was complete, timely, accurate (a few small mistakes of the court’s making, notwithstanding), and still allowed for the possibility of human elements beyond my control. My compliments to Adam Lofredo and Tom Schraufnagel, who made themselves available by phone and in person, including for a weekend site-visit to accommodate an unhurried walk-through of every affected courtroom.

The project schedule was clearly delineated in advance, accommodated our stated needs (that no single courtroom be “down” for more than a single workday), and was adhered to throughout the project. Your support folks in Tempe “‘logistics expert” Karina Sullivan and Operations Director Randy Pavlovich) kept the project on track from the logistics and scheduling perspective, and additionally made sure I was well informed about equipment orders and deliveries.

Finally, undoubtedly the keystone to the success of this project was the exceptional onsite efforts of Andy Burgio. As the lead technical team member, responsibility for the work being done properly and in a timely fashion rested with him. He met those expectations fully, while at the same time anticipating potential issues that I would want to know about and providing excellent face-to-face support with judicial staff as needed. His expertise, attention to detail, professionalism, plus understanding and accommodating my needs as project manager were the best I’ve ever encountered in a project of this size.

Kevin, please extend my (and the court’s) gratitude to the superb team that worked on this project. It’s because of folks like these that I look forward to working with ExhibitOne on future projects.

Warm regards,

Mark R.
Assistant Director, Information Technology
An Arizona Government Agency